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‘My journey in writing has taught me not only how to develop my skillset but also my mindset’

‘No one likes to be treated like a doormat. Respect in a relationship requires a clear line of balance. When one seeks excitement elsewhere, revenge becomes a dish best served cold. Yet is it not better when it is served — spicy hot?’

Throughout the generations of upbringing, women have borne the brunt of suppression in almost every area of life. And with each generation, they break free from those chains and bring about their metamorphosis.

A diverse cast of women from different walks of life, each grappling with the precarious balance between love and self-worth. As you flip the pages, you will witness these women’s journeys of self-discovery, as they summon the courage to break free from societal expectations, explore their inner strength, and redefine their definitions of love, happiness and self-respect. From tales of heartache and sacrifice to stories of resilience and triumph, this collection of nine stories serves as a reminder that every woman possesses an inherent worth that is non-negotiable.

‘Whispers of Worth’ celebrates the indomitable spirit of women, urges readers to reflect on their own relationships and ignites the flame of self-respect within their hearts.

Do you spend most of your time thinking about all the things you’ve done wrong and all the ways you need to fix yourself?

Do you lean towards self-loathing when you make a mistake?

Do you people-please to stay ahead of the competition?

Do you compare yourself with others?

What is it that we are seeking in all our restlessness to do more and be more?

Without a doubt, it is to be loved, accepted, respected, rewarded and valued. If that’s not what we get from our environment, and ourselves, we feel depleted and drained and then we doubt our core worth.

In this truly inspirational reveal you will discover how important and urgent it is to value yourself, to respect your unique qualities, and to accept imperfections. You will learn from the experiences of people from all walks of life.

Many have been through moments when their self-esteem was crushed. Yet, they coped and survived in a world of competitiveness, bullying, discrimination, imposter syndrome, and peer pressure. With social media in the mix, there is more pressure to do more and be more.

Through exclusive interviews with psychology experts, executive coaches, professors, and the latest research, this book shares how our hypercompetitive society affects us and how we can make the choice to rise above the ‘not good enough’ feelings and align with our true selves.

2021: Reboot Reflect Revive Self-esteem in a Selfie World

About: This book demonstrates compellingly why self-esteem is basic to psychological health, professional achievement, personal happiness and positive relationships.

What Shobha Nihalani has done in this beautiful book is to give us tools to overcome this sense of inadequacy that is threatening to overwhelm us. —Anand Neelakantan, author, columnist, screenwriter, television personality, and motivational speaker

This book aims to achieve that objective and I consider it a must read. I commend the writer on a well-written book.’
Mr Gul Mirpuri, Founder Chairman, The Indian Businessmen’s Association, Hong Kong

Shobha Nihalani’s book “Reboot Reflect Revive” takes an in-depth look at what constitutes our Self-Esteem or lack thereof but in an interesting, easy to read style. Interspersed with real life examples, she brings out the subtle nuances that can help us all Reboot! A must read!!’
Harry Banga, Founder, Chairman and CEO, The Caravel Group Ltd

‘Reboot, Reflect, Revive: Self-Esteem in a Selfie World is an important book for our time. Shalini Mahtani MBE, Founder and CEO, The Zubin Foundation

Author Shobha, has done elaborative research and imparts practical ideas to live life with elegance and respect. We can say: It is a user’s manual for living a life worth it!
Siri and Sat Khalsa – Creators of InnerMost Shift Coaching Model

2019: The Blue Jade

Intertwining history with mystery, Blue Jade is a captivating story about historical artefacts falling into the wrong hands. Neelam, starting her career as an art curator, discovers a precious relic hidden inside a statue of Mirabai, the legendary Rajasthani princess-saint. The relic turns out to be the most sought-after blue jade pendant, long declared lost.

Vivid and fast paced…an absolute page-turner! – Sunir Kheterpal – CEO Azure Entertainment

‘A terrific thriller!’ – Sidharth Jain – Chief Storyteller, The Story Ink

2019: A Gift From Above

In this unique blend of memoir and journey, a Hong Kong-based couple, Harini and Haresh, share their struggle during the pre-adoption fostering phase in a small town in India. The adoptive parents were allocated a child from an orphanage in Bihar. But delays in the legal process resulted in the parents travelling all the way to Bhagalpur, Bihar, to face the local courts. This book tells the emotional experiences from both parents’ perspective, and the challenges they faced to adopt a baby from India. Delays and unnecessary discrimination led Harini to write a heart-felt letter to Mrs. Menaka Gandhi, who was the Minister of the Ministry of Women and Child Development. She was proactive in expediting the adoption process.

“A most touching story of determination and perseverance against all odds to complete one’s family. Unconditional love across borders.” – Iris Liu, Director of Programme, International Social Service Hong Kong Branch.

2018: TRIKON

Kimaaya works in a New Age Shop. Her life unravels when she becomes a volunteer for a drug trial that turns out to be more sinister than it appears… Many mysterious deaths have been covered up, but are rumoured to be linked to illegal drug tests. At great personal risk, Kimaaya sets out to expose the dark and dangerous side of a genius psychopath out to control human minds.

Shobha creates characters that touch our soul. Brilliant plot and vividly descriptive – this book is intense yet empathetic, dark yet positive- loved it. – Neha T, Amazon Reviewer

2017: Dada Vaswani: A Life in Spirituality

Dada Vaswani: A Life in Spirituality offers an unusual viewpoint – a nonbeliever’s perspective, it takes a fresh look at spirituality. The author creates a mischievous being who flits about and hovers – doubting and cynical – observing Dada as he follows his own convictions with implicit courage and faith.

A stirring read for devotees and non-devotees alike…readers will certainly find this book insightful on many levels – Swami Swaroopananda, Global Head, Chinmaya Mission

2015: Unresolved

A tense, engrossing thriller that ventures into the dark corners of the human mind, Unresolved is about the deep secrets relationships are sometimes founded on and a marriage gone terribly wrong.

Quite a pacy thriller – HT City

Shobha Nihalani’s ‘Unresolved’ has all the ingredients that a good psychological thriller enjoys. The linearity of plot works well to unfold it, gradually, like peeling an onion. Do be warned that while the characters play mind games with each other, Shobha does the same with her readers. The book will make you a suspicious person, and you may get obsessed to read it to the end in one go especially because it is not needlessly convoluted -Sakshi Nanda

2013-2015: NINE Trilogy: Where Paranormal meets Action

The myth of the NINE unknown is often cited by conspiracy theorists as one of the oldest secret societies in the world, and believed to still exist today. Founded by King Ashoka, members of the original NINE were entrusted with protecting powers and knowledge handed down through the ages. King Ashoka believed that if the knowledge of these ancient texts was easily available to mankind, they would be used for evil purposes.

The number nine is astrologically intriguing; Nihalani only makes it more so through her fertile imagination and vivid narration. -Sunday Tribune

2013: NINE Book 1 - Curse of the Kalingan

An elite council of superior intelligence operates outside the sphere of any government. Taking their mandate not from any authority, but from ancient knowledge, it’s up to the NINE, a powerful secret society with advanced knowledge, to keep the world from annihilation of the human race.

The narrative confuses and amazes at the same time, but the message that is conveyed right through the text is universal – evil thrives, good overcomes. – Tribune India

2014: NINE Book 2 - Vengeance of the Warrior

The Kalingan spirit is hailed by a young woman, Tejaswi. She has her own agenda of revenge and needs a powerful force to tackle her enemies. This time the Kalingan spirit targets the three who trapped him. Akash, Tara and Zubin are in for an intense showdown with the powerful Kalingan whose potency is enhanced through Tejaswi, the feminine force.

This second book in the NiNE trilogy will change the way you look at time and space – Fantastic Fiction

2015: NINE Book 3 - Rise of the Kalingan

271 BC: On the one side is the Mauryan Empire under Ashoka, growing from strength to strength. On the other end is the highly trained spy, Vassa, a Kalingan.
Ashoka and his army are moving towards Kalinga and it is predicted that nothing can stop it from annihilating the Kalingans.

A thrilling account of a soul’s quest for revenge during the time of King Ashoka – Goodreads Reviewer

2011: The Silent Monument

AN AGEOLD SCROLL IS DISCOVERED in the hidden chambers of the Taj Mahal. The journalist who finds the ancient artifact is murdered. His feisty widow Manzil is suddenly burdened with the deadly secret, the contents of which could rock the nation. She becomes the most wanted person in the country.

A fresh and brave attempt in the genre – Hindustan Times

2010: Det Tavse Monument (Danish)

AN AGEOLD SCROLL IS DISCOVERED in the hidden chambers of the Taj Mahal. The journalist who finds the ancient artifact is murdered. His feisty widow Manzil is suddenly burdened with the deadly secret, the contents of which could rock the nation. She becomes the most wanted person in the country.

2008: Kaerlighedens bla safir (Danish)

Hong Kong-born Neelam will discover that a journey for love can be a dangerous, mysterious and even miraculous adventure of all. During her quest, she meets a young orphan boy who becomes her guide, a spiritual philosopher who has more than religion on his mind, and a Delhi-based reporter who develops a bond with Neelam. The suspenseful story intertwines the modern with the ancient concept of love

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